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Video Hands-On: AppGear Foam Fighters Game is Part Toy, Part Mobile App

WowWee's AppGear  is looking to make a name for itself in the appcessory games category, and it certainly looks like the company is off to a good start. AppGear took home Toy Fair 2012's Best New App Toy award, and its various games use augmented reality and physical toys to create a unique gameplay experience.

AppGear's line includes six games: Akodomon, Alien JailBreak, EliteCommander AR, Foam Fighters, Mysterious Ray Gun, and Zombie Burbz. All AppGear titles cost $9.99 and are compatible with iPhones, iPads, and Android devices. Though the objective and the interface varies from title to title, the basic idea is the same: You get physical toys that tie into the game in some way, and the action on your tablet or phone's display is influenced by your real-world environment and changes as you move.

Some things are better explained than seen, and we think AppGear is one of them. Check out our video of the Foam Fighters game below.