How to Use Kindle MatchBook

Kindle Matchbook is a way to bridge the gap between the nostalgia of a physical book and the flexibility of e-books. While few things beat cracking open a good book and turning the page, like many old forms of entertainment, they don’t always make sense in the modern world. Kindle Matchbook is a program that allows Amazon customers who purchased physical books to be given a discount on the e-book version of the same title. The prices range from $2.99 to free.

It doesn’t work with all book purchases as only certain publishers and authors have chosen to take part in the program. As it stands, Amazon states on their website that there are “thousands of qualifying books” so it may only be useful in some cases.

A nice perk of Matchbook is that it is retroactive, so if you have purchased books from Amazon since 1999 you may already be eligible for some discounts. It's easy enough to find out if you’re eligible by searching Amazon's site. Click on the yellow button labelled “Find your Kindle Matchbook titles”. This will prompt you to sign in to your Amazon Account.

After signing in, you will be told if any of your past purchases are eligible for Kindle Matchbook. From the same page you may also browse all Kindle Matchbook titles by scrolling down and clicking the see more link.

 The link will take you too a page displaying Kindle Matchbook titles and from there you may use the search at the top to see if the book you want qualifies.

After using the Kindle Matchbook discount to also purchase the e-book version, the title will be tied to your Amazon account and accessible from any device you use read Kindle books. Kindle Matchbook is a nice way to get more value from your book purchases and modernize some of your old library.