Top 10 Samsung Galaxy Note II Cases

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The Samsung' Galaxy Note II is definitely a device you want to keep safe. Between its huge 5.5-inch display, pen support, and premium $299 asking price (with contract), this smartphone is precious cargo. Fortunately, top brands have cases that will protect your investment without bloating the Note II's slim profile. We've rounded up the best cases on the market, including Otterbox's klutz-friendly Commuter Series and Spigen's Hardbook, which comes in four eye-popping colors.

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Molly Klinefelter, LAPTOP Assistant Editor
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Molly Klinefelter, LAPTOP Assistant Editor on
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  • Aman Shah Says:

    Great all best cases to see just love it

  • voltron512 Says:

    Seidio surface is the best case that is relatively thin but protects the phone on all corners. It has enough of a lip to lay flat and has a kickstand. I've drop it from chest high and it luckily hit the concrete on the corner. But I you just want the thinnest case then go with the ringke.

  • amylee Says:

    I find Orient N9500 seems like Galaxy S4/Note 3 very much,it is too cheap that I want to but it.does anyone know??

  • nancybout Says:

    Yes lil it does have sn iphone 5 on the cover??? Ewow

  • Regi Says:

    So why does the Waterfield Designs Suede Jacket have an iphone in the cover?

  • richi Says:

    ringke slim cases is better than any of these and cheapest too!!!

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