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Top 5 Moments From the Apple iPhone 5 Event (Video)

He just couldn't help himself. While introducing the iPhone 5, Apple's senior vice president of worldwide marketing, Phil Schiller, took a shot at Nokia for using fake photos and videos during its Lumia 920 launch event. Yes, the iPhone 5's new camera is 20 percent smaller and 40 percent faster, but more important, the photos he was about to show were straight from the camera..."untouched." 

Apple's event had plenty of other video highlights. Here's the rest of our top five.

Apple's CEO Disses Other Tablets

Through June Apple has sold a whopping 84 million iPads. And despite the fact that everyone and their brother is making a slate, Apple's share of the tablet market actually increased year over year. Numbers like these led Apple CEO Tim Cook to humorously wonder aloud what "these other tablets are doing."

iPod touch loop

The new iPod touch not only sports the same 4-inch Retina Display as the iPhone 5 in a slimmer (and more colorful body); it hides a little surprise. Apple's Greg Joswiak, vice preseident of worldwide iPod, iPhone and iOS product marketing, showed off the player's new iPod loop attachment. This included accessory helps you hold the iPod touch like a camera or Wii, making sure it stays by your side.

Passbook's Built-in Shredder

One of the hallmark features of iOS 6 is Passbook, which lets you store coupons, loyalty cards, boarding passes and tickets to the big game. On your way to check into a flight? You can access that boarding pass right from the lock screen. When you're done, just delete it using Apple's nifty shredding animation. (Yes, we're hoping for NFC support next time around, too.)

Foo Fighters Rock the House

Enough said.