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The Verzis Gamepad Adds Digital Life To Family Game Night

Identity Games is helping keep tech social with Verzis, a multiplayer controller for Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android devices. Four users can gather around a table and join together in a digital game, resting the device right in the center instead of needing to pass it from person to person.

The game pad is launching with eight free multiplayer games, each with support for up to four players. The game pad has a variety of different inputs, such as a directional pad, A, B, C and D buttons and an action button for buzzing in. Many of the games are still under development, but we were able to try out a version of The Voice, which may or may not be a part of the initial launch of games. In the game, the attached iPhone played a song and we had to buzz in if we thought the singer had talent. Unfortunately, we were wrong and lost 50 points.

The Verzis multi-player game controller will be available in September for $40. There will be a single free app download, which will include eight free games. Verzis will also launch with a dev kit, encouraging third-party app developers to create games that incorporate the Verzis game pad.