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The Drowning for iOS Reinvents Mobile Gaming Controls

AUSTIN ( — If you've ever been frustrated by the dual joystick-style gaming experience on tablets, Ben Cousins of DeNA's Scattered Entertainment studio may have the solution to your first-person shooter woes. He showed off his team's new game The Drowning at the Gaming Expo at South by Southwest Interactive, which lets users navigate a rich landscape and shoot monsters with a single hand.

The controls were easy to learn -- single-tapping on a location to move, swiping to turn and using a two-finger tap to shoot. When shooting, the bullets landed directly between our fingers, which proved challenging but fun and also gave us full view of the action.

The game was fast-paced but we were able to learn and use the new controls quickly. We found the new mode of navigation was much easier than the dual analog controls of other first-person shooter games. Gameplay involves two-minute rounds that increase in difficulty as the levels increase. Users can find items to build stronger weapons or can buy them via in-app purchases.

The Drowning is iOS-only, for both iPhone and iPad, and should be available in about six to eight weeks. An Android version is in the works, but the team is currently focusing on the iOS launch.