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TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 Challenges Google Maps on Android Phones

TeleNav is going to head to head with Google Maps on Android devices with its new GPS Navigator 7.1, available for newer Sprint devices running Gingerbread. To get you to switch from the baked-in choice, TeleNav is trying to make navigation easier and more personal.

A unique home screen called My Dashboard includes a map of your current location, along with real-time traffic overlaid. You'll also see shortcut buttons to Home and Work you can customize. Navigator 7.1 also boasts fast map rendering and a Multi Route feature that recommends up to three routes to a given destination.

To keep the nav experience fun, users can choose multiple custom vehicle icons, such as a sports car, tank, or space ship. They're 99 cents each.

TeleNav GPS Navigator 7.1 will be available later this month at no additional charge with Sprint’s Everything Data and Simply Everything plans You can get premium features like lane assist, speed trap, red light camera, speed limit notification and commute reports for $4.99 per month.

Check out the video below.