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Tek Recon Turns Real Life Into an Action Packed Video Game

Tek Recon by Tech 4 Kids is turning the entire world into a video game. At its core, the Tek Recon is a powerful and fun action blaster gun, shooting soft rubber rings up to 80 feet. But the Tek Recon also incorporates a feature-filled smartphone app, capable of supporting massive multiplayer games with gameplay mimicking the popular video game Halo. We got a chance to try out the gun and app at this year's International Toy Fair.

The app works for both iOS and Android and can connect to the Tech 4 Kids servers via cellular service, allowing any number of players across multiple platforms to join a single game, as long as everyone has cellphone signal. In capture the flag mode, players join one of two teams then must work together to scan the QR barcode on the other teams "flag," ending the team and declaring a winner. Last man standing mode will create a game without teams, where players can battle it out until only one remains.

The guns were surprisingly accurate and we were able to hit a small target 15 feet away after five tries. The soft rubber rings get great distance but didn't hurt when we got shot, even at close range. On the larger gun, called Havok, a single gun cartridge holds up to 90 rubber bullets, allowing plenty of shots between reloads.

The Tek Recon set will be available in early September, with the larger gun costing $34.99, a smaller hand gun priced at $19.99 and extra ammo available in packs of 25 for $4.99. The app is free and available for both iOS and Android.