Taking Flight with Osprey's Flap Jack Courier Bag

The osprey is a bird of prey; cool, sleek, and sharp. Osprey's Flap Jack Courier notebook bag is all those things.

From its rugged, lightweight construction to the modern interior graphics that seem inspired by Native American artwork, every aspect of the Courier calls for adventure. But this sporty cargo messenger bag is not just for the hiker or student. The modern commuter will enjoy ample space for a 17-inch laptop, and a handy earphone router for keeping those wires in place. Although the laptop compartment is minimally padded, it is well secured with a sturdy velcro strap. The Courier ensures that your laptop stays dry with both a drawstring and a large exterior flap.

The bag's front features two moderately-sized pockets. Still maintaining an element of simplicity with sportiness, the smaller, zippered pocket is plain while the larger, velcro-shut pocket features elastic mesh pockets, pen holders, and a key chain. Although the lone side pocket may not be large enough for a big water bottle, it would hold your sunglasses.

Slinging the 1 pound, 13 ounce, Courier around your shoulder and cycling off to work won't add too much heft. With the adjustable waist strap and grip-lined shoulder pad, this bag will stay comfortably and securely at your side. Plus, you can add some personality with three colors of webbing closures to choose from, including dark gray, light gray, and orange. An ergonomic grab handle at the top of the bag lets you carry it easily without putting it over your shoulder. It is available in three colors ( Pepper, Black, and Khaki ) from  online retailers such as amazon.com and altrec.com. Khaki is $63.09; Pepper and Black are $88.95.