Tablet World Series Finals: ExoPC Slate vs. BlackBerry PlayBook, Voting Ends 11/4 at 12:00 a.m.

Throughout this series we've seen some surprises (like the Apple iPad getting taken out in Game 1), some tight races (like the ExoPC vs. the Archos 101 in Game 5) and some pure slaughters (like the Archos 101 taking out the Viewsonic G-Tablet with 87% of the vote in Game 3). But your votes have narrowed the field of competitors to just two: the ExoPC Slate and the BlackBerry PlayBook. There can be only 1.

Update: The BlackBerry PlayBook has won the Tablet World Series, 58.27 to 41.73 percent. Congrats to BlackBerry and all its fans.

The ExoPC Slate started the competition off strong, knocking out the heavily favored Apple iPad with 77% of the vote. In round two it went on to barely squeak by the Archos 101 with a 1% margin of victory. But does this 11.6-inch Windows 7 tablet have the pitching arm to shut out RIM?

The interface on the ExoPC Slate looks interesting, as it is loaded with tons of tiny discs that serve as shortcuts to apps or other screens. The capacitive touchscreen display is monstrous, measuring 11.6-inches and sporting a resolution of 1366 x 768.  The interior guts include 2GB of RAM and an SSD.

It's competitor is the BlackBerry PlayBook, which won Game 6 with an 11% margin and Game 4 with 65% of the vote. This dual-core, 7-inch tablet runs a new OS. It comes with dual cameras, HDMI output, and the ability to run Flash 10.1 (which means it can run Adobe Air apps). But RIM's secret weapon will likely be its ability to sync with is army of smart phones. Sadly, we're still waiting to review this puppy, but the momentum certainly seems to be there.

It's time to name a champ, by casting your vote below. Then check back on 11/4 at 12:00 a.m. to see who won.

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