Surface Book 2 Might Be Regular Laptop to Lower the Price

Microsoft's Surface Book is a detachable 2-in-1 that's definitely a laptop first, rather than a tablet with a floppy keyboard and kickstand. And the sequel might not even transform at all.

A new report suggests the Surface Book 2 will ditch its convertible nature altogether for a more traditional and affordable design due this year.

According to sources speaking to DigiTimes, Microsoft's next Surface Book, which recently entered mass production, will "adopt a clamshell design instead of its traditional 2-in-1" form. The source believes Microsoft will announce this notebook sometime between now and April.

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The report suggests the move is being done because of a conflict between the Surface Book and the Surface Pro product line, the latter of which isn't as natural to use in one's lap. The other reported reason for the move is to make the Surface Book more affordable, as this traditional laptop is expected to start at around $1,000.

A grand isn't exactly cheap, but it's still lower than the original Surface Book (starting at $1,499) and today's models (starting at $1,299).

DigiTimes doesn't have a sterling track record on rumors and leaks, so we have to look at this report with some skepticism. Microsoft ripping a signature feature out of its flagship laptop doesn't make a whole lot of sense. 

The other way to read this rumor is that this is just one of multiple Surface Books planned for release this year. The quotes in the DigiTimes article state that this new Surface Book will drop the 2-in-1 design, but it doesn't write off the possibility of this simply being the entry-level model.