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Sprint Knocks $100 Off iPhone 4S with Trade-in Promo

Are you the owner of an older iPhone (on any carrier) who's been wanting to upgrade to the 4S but you don't want to spend $199? Well, today's your lucky day. Sprint is offering a limited time deal that shaves $100 off an iPhone 4S via a special, trade-in promotion. The goal: to make as many people aware as possible that Sprint's data plans are unlimited, especially at a time when Verizon is pulling back.

There are two ways to redeem the offer: either in-store or online. For the in-store method, you'd have to reserve an iPhone 4S unit at, bring in your old iPhone, and save $100 instantly when you activate a new line of service.

To redeem the offer online, you would hit up to buy your iPhone 4S through the carrier's online store and open a new line of service. Then after you receive your new iPhone, get on and click on Trade in my device to receive a shipping label via email. Sprint has a caveat here in that if your buyback value is less than $100, they'll make up the difference with an extra account credit. Additionally, you'd have to activate your phone by July 3rd and execute the trade-in by August 14th.

Then you wait for the credit to appear on your bill within 2 to 3 billing cycles. Sprint says this credit may be split into 2 payments, and you should wait for the full 3-month billing cycle before you raise a ruckus about not receiving the full $100 credit.

Given the hassles of the latter method, it seems like you're much better off going the in-store, trade-in route. Just one last (rather big) word of caution that both ways promotion opportunities don't include upgrades.

Sprint's promo officially goes into effect today, May 18th.