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Splashtop Launches Configurable Shortcuts and Gamepad Add-On

Splashtop lovers, brace yourselves for a new add-on that will make your life even easier. Debuting for Android and iOS as an add-on to Splashtop 2, the app's Configurable Shortcuts and Gamepad add-on lets users create virtual controls and keyboard shortcuts to make their remote desktop experience even more efficient.

Playing a game on your tablet and you'd like to add a virtual joystick? No problem. The add-on lets you create a gamepad with a virtual joystick as well as square buttons on the side to be used as game controls. Sick of scrolling through a website with your finger to get to the exact point you need? You can add a scroll bar to the page to narrow in on exactly what you want faster. Working on a PowerPoint presentation on your iPad and miss the functionality of your keyboard? Add whatever keyboard shortcuts you like. Splashtop 2's add-on lets you do all this and more.

Here's how it works: You create a different profile for each app, with different shortcuts and controls. For example, your Microsoft Office app will have a different profile than your "Call of Duty" app, and that will have a different profile than your browser app. The add-on basically exists to incorporate any keyboard or mouse function onto your touch-screen device, so you won't miss your desktop at all. Note: This means that although each app has unique controls, you can't create universal functions for all apps, such as incorporating a scroll bar into every one of your apps.

All this functionality comes at a price, though. The add-on is $0.99 per month, or users can opt to pay $9.99 per year. Users can purchase it from within the Splashtop 2 app for iPad and Google Play tablets.