Soundmatters FoxLO Mini-Subwoofer Lets You Take Bass Power on the Road

There's been plenty of opportunity to itch our audio craving at CES, and we're happy to see some companies offering solutions for taking beats (full bass included) on the road. The latest example is Soundmatters, which is showing off its super-portable FoxLO subwoofer. It weighs a scant 23 ounces, yet it adds an impressive amount of oomph to your tunes of choice (25 watts of amplification, to be exact). It can also recharge your gadgets via USB.

Soundmatters demoed the FoxLO pumping up the bass when used in tandem with its FoxL speaker pocket-sized speaker. It also works with other speakers, such as those from Jawbone via the 3.5mm audio out jack. Together, the FoxL and FoxLO would make a picnic-perfect duo. (If your picnics involve some serious subwoofer action, that is.)

The FoxLO subwoofer will retail for $149 starting in spring. The FoxL speaker is currently selling in both Bluet00th ($199) and non-Bluetooth ($169) models, along with a Platinum V2 model with improved sound quality ($229).

LAPTOP Staff Writer