ScanSnap Announces Fixes for macOS Sierra Compatibility

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Fujitsu's ScanSnap has provided users with a bug fix schedule that will make its scanners compatible with macOS Sierra. The company warned users who own its scanners last month not to update their Macs due to problems between the operating system and its software. 

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The first batch of updates will occur this month and resolve issues creating new PDF files. The second batch, with no time frame announced, will fix problems with existing PDF files.

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Five models (the  iX500, iX100, SV600, S1300i and S1100i) got updates for ScanSnap Manager and CardMinder yesterday (Oct. 6) that should resolve the issue with new files. On Oct. 17, an online update should fix issues for owners of ScanSnap's  S1500, S1500M, S1300 and S1100 models. At the end of October, the Evernote Edition scanner's software will get a patch, but there is no confirmed date.

ScanSnap is warning users not to use ScanSnap Organizer, which has no fixes yet. Users of those scanners who haven't updated to macOS may want to hold off.

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