Fujitsu Warns ScanSnap Isn't Compatible With macOS Sierra (Update)

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If you own and rely on Fujitsu's ScanSnap scanners, you should hold off on updating your MacBook to macOS Sierra. The company warns that the ScanSnap application isn't yet compatible with the new OS, and that current files created with the app could also be affected.

Update: ScanSnap has provided more specific information about which actions in macOS Sierra cause compatibility problems. You can find that list here. The company hopes to have a fix out in October.

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Specifically, some pages in existing PDF files can turn into blank pages when Sierra makes them searchable, and and black and white pages grow in size because they're saved as if they're in color. The same problem can occur with new files produced by ScanSnap in tandem with Sierra.

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Additionally, pages can be deleted when using the Merge Pages feature, and  scanning can miss the back of business cards that are organized in Fujitsu's CardMinder.

These issues occur in every ScanSnap scanner, including the Evernote version. On a page on its website, Fujitsu wrote that it will provide a solution "as soon as available." 

It isn't unusual for existing applications to not be completely compatible with a new operating system. Whether you use a Fujitsu scanner or not, you're better off waiting a couple of days after any major operating system update to make sure that all of your most crucial software works. In this case, Fujitsu is simply warning users ahead of the curve.


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  • Ray Ray Says:

    Seriously.. I have not turned on my MacBook Pro Reta for more than 2 years now.. I think i spend more useless time on it than productive time,.. using for business its out of the question.

    Windows on the other hand does better with downward compatibility, thats just microsofts philosophy.

    i'm not a mac hater, just being professional opinion and being realistic. :)

  • Fofer Says:

    Well said, B Mosca and Jim B.

    This is catastrophic news to receive, especially ONE DAY BEFORE Sierra drops.

    This huge incompatibility/bug, as described, can delete existing PDFs or pages therein, simply by opening/editing/working with them. The way Evernote (and ScanSnap) is set up on the organizations I manage, these PDFs are shared across many offices and many people. Now I've got to tell every single user to avoid Sierra, for fear of losing any/all of this data? And it's all catalogued in shared Evernote notebooks. Sure, those are synced through the cloud, and are backed up regularly. But recreating an Evernote notebook, replacing damaged PDFs files individually as we come across them, doesn't sound like a fun job at all.

    My gut tells me that this fix will require Apple's cooperation. Let's hope Fujitsu forces the issue and gets it fixed... pronto. What a whopper of an incompatibility. Sheesh!

  • Jim B. Says:

    I am hoping for the best, but fear the worst. By their description, Fujitsu says the problem includes any PDF previously created. Will this mean I will need to run a conversion for the 1,000+ PDF's that I have scattered among various folders on different drives? What about the PDF's I created and sent to clients? I assumed PDF's followed a standard, but perhaps Fujitsu has some proprietary way of encoding details that could make this a long-term disaster for users.

    As B Mosca has noted, the author is too charitable to Fujitsu - this should not be a surprise to them. Worst case is they have known for a long time, and they've put off a warning because they don't have a solution. Lack of transparency leads to unnecessary speculation like mine.

  • B Mosca Says:

    Fujitsu is not 'ahead of the curve' here. They're way behind it. Apple seeded macOS Sierra to developers more than 3 months ago and to the public more than 2 months ago. Any developer announcing such major incompatibilities less than week before GM release is just negligent.

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