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Safely Text and Walk With Sidewalk Buddy App for Android

The dangers of texting and walking are clear, but that doesn't stop people from using their smartphones while on the go. Sidewalk Buddy is a new app that tries to make the world safer for distracted pedestrians, whether they're texting, browsing Facebook or playing a game. Using the rear-facing camera, Sidewalk Buddy puts a live video feed onto your Android device's screen, no matter which app you're currently using.

The Sidewalk Buddy browser window can be resized and moved around the screen at will, allowing the user to find the sweet spot for whatever app they want to use. The heads-up, real-time feed will help people see what's ahead of them, possibly preventing accidents that have become all too common with tech-distracted travelers. 

"I set out to create an app that helps multi-taskers walk safely while they are involved with any app on their Android-based Smartphone," said Joe Edakkunnathu, creator of Sidewalk Buddy. "The ability to make the video window any size and place it anywhere on the screen gives users the added ability to customize their experience."

The app is completely free and currently available for Android only. For Apple users, there are apps such as Text Vision Lite (iTunes link) and Type and Walk.