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Runalyzer Blue Uses Your iPhone to Track Your Heartbeat

Most fitness gadgets come in the form of a wristband or clip-on device, but Runware’s Runalyzer Blue is a chest strap. Announced today, Runalyzer Blue uses your iPhone to measure your heart rate and is compatible with various fitness apps.

Whether you’re casually roller skating or zipping down a mountain, the Runalyzer Blue will track your progress, not unlike the BodyMedia Core 2. In addition to measuring your heart rate, the Bluetooth chest strap comes with a virtual coach and allows you to set goals and choose training programs. If you’re looking for additional workout assistance, the strap works with fitness apps such as 321Run, iSmoothRun, Endomodo, RunKeeper and Runtastic, among others.Runware boasts that its device lasts for up to 18 hours on a single battery. It’s only available for iOS. Apple users can purchase the chest band starting today from Amazon for $74, which is a great deal cheaper than other fitness gadgets such as Jawbone's UP ($129) and the Mio Alpha ($199).