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Rumor: Amazon in Talks to Purchase webOS

Poor webOS. After a disasterous outing with HP and being openly snubbed by Samsung, the little orphaned OS has been languishing in corporate limbo like a red-headed step-child. However it might be Amazon to the rescue. Rumors are swirling that Amazon is in "serious negotiations" to purchase Palm and webOS from HP.

According to VentureBeat, a "well-placed source" has Amazon leading the pack in the race to play Daddy Warbucks to webOS' Annie and Meg Whitman's Miss Hannigan. It makes sense on paper. The interface on the new Amazon Kindle Fire is derived from Android, but Amazon has modified it to the point that it's virtually unrecognizable as an Android production. With WebOS, Amazon could ditch Android completely and develop an entirely new, independent OS.

Neither HP or Amazon has given a statement on whether the negotiations are in fact taking place or how far along in the progress they are. If the rumors are true, we can only hope that the sun will come out tomorrow on a new line of webOS devices.