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Report: HP Evaluating Sale of webOS for 'Hundreds of Millions'

It looks like webOS might soon have a new home. According to Reuters, the world's largest PC  maker is evaluating a potential sale of its mobile software in a deal that will likely bring in "hundreds of millions of dollars." If you recall, HP purchased Palm for $1.2 billion in April of 2010, but at this point the company likely just eat the loss in order to unload the platform.

HP has said that it will be betting big on touch in Windows 8 next year. And if we had to guess, Windows Phone devices are likely on the horizon as well. The report says that HP might still decide to keep webOS for itself, but you don't kill the Touchpad and the Pre 3 phone if you're high on the software.

Reuters says that Oracle Corp could be among the most interested suitors, and other rumors have circled around HTC, LG, Nikon, and Amazon.

via Reuters

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