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Report: Android Claims Largest Portion of Smartphone Market

Android has hit another milestone, recently. A Nielsen report showed that Android has overtaken Apple's iOS as the mobile operating system with the largest U.S. market share.

Nielsen reported that the iOS platform (found in the iPhone) accounts for 28 percent of the smartphone market, while Android phones comprise 39 percent.

However, Apple remains the most successful smartphone manufacturer because there are multiple Android manufacturers that make up parts of the 39 percent. For instance, HTC's Android phones account for 14 percent of the entire smartphone market, Motorola for 11 percent and Samsung for 8 percent. Apple on the other hand, gets credit for the full 28 percent of iOS phones.

The report also shows just how much BlackBerry, which used to be the dominant player in the market, has slipped. RIM, which makes BlackBerry phones, only accounts for 20 percent of the smartphone market.

The remaining contenders have still not made significant headway against the giants in the market. Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 platform accounts for 9 percent of the market, and HP's webOS only 2 percent.