Pure's Jongo Sound System Brings Multi-room Audio to U.S.

If you're streaming music from a smartphone or tablet to a wireless speaker and you want to change rooms, you have two options: carry that speaker with you, or add multiple speakers to several rooms in your home. Hoping to make that second solution a little easier, Pure Audio, the U.K.-based audio experts, announced the Jongo S3 wireless speaker for $199 and the Jongo A2 wireless audio adapter for $129. Both accessories pair with the Pure Connect app for iOS to help fill each room in your home with sound. Here's how the system works. 

The Jongo S3 performs the heavy lifting in this multi-room, outdoor-ready system.  Shaped like a small tower of sound, the S3 kicks out 360-degree audio courtesy of four side-facing tweeters and a sub-woofer that fires out the top. The Jongo S3 can be paired with others of its kind over a local Wi-Fi network. Of course, if you opt to purchase just one Jongo S3, it can connect solo to a mobile device or laptop over Bluetooth. A rechargeable battery lasts 10 hours per charge, according to Pure. 

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For audiophiles who already have an established sound system or home theater, the Jongo A2 Hi-Fi adapter can jack into that pre-existing set up and connect those speakers over Wi-Fi to a Jongo S3 speaker. And the glue holding it all together is the Pure Connect App, available for iPhones and iPads now but coming to Android devices soon.  With that download, users can control what speaker, or speakers, play audio and which sit silently until they're needed.

For now, the Pure Connect app accesses local music files stored on the connected device, as well as more than 20,000 radio stations and plenty of podcasts and other audio programs, but soon it will also play host to Pure Music, the streaming service that carries more than 15 million tracks for U.K. listeners. Pure Music is slated to launch in the United States later this year.

Until then, interested parties can purchase Jongo products at Amazon.com, Target.com, OfficeMax or on Pure's website, Pure.com/us. 

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