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Polaroid Launches First Android-Powered Interchangeable Lens Camera

One-upping the Samsung Galaxy Camera and the Nikon Coolpix S800C, Polaroid has launched the first interchangeable lens camera that features built in Wi-Fi and Android.  

Announced here at CES 2013, the $399 Polaroid iM1836 runs Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and features a 3.5-inch capacitive touch-screen LCD. A 10 to 30mm optical zoom lens is included, but can be swapped out with others. The camera has an 18-megapixel sensor and a pop-up flash and includes such features as auto blink detection, auto face exposure and a panorama mode.

The iM1836 can record video up to 1080p in resolution, and consumers will be able to output their images and movies to a TV using the built-in HDMI port. In addition to Wi-Fi, this camera has built-in Bluetooth connectivity for transfering photos to a nearby smartphone.

Polaroid has also launched the $349 iM1232W, an interchangeable-lens camera that features Wi-Fi connectivity but skips Android. The camera also has a 3.5-inch LCD display, HDMI, HD video recording, an 18.1-megapixel sensor, auto blink detection and panoramic photo features. 

Stay tuned for hands-on impressions of Polaroid's Android-powered shooter.