Fortnite on the Galaxy Tab S4: Does It Suck?

The list of devices that run Fortnite on Android includes most major smartphones, and a couple of Samsung tablets: the Galaxy Tab S4 and the Galaxy Tab S3. But how does the Tab S4, the faster of the two, run this popular game?

After an hour of running around the Fortnite island, breaking down surroundings and, admittedly, getting killed every time, I've got one word to describe Fortnite on the Tab S4: awkward. First of all, holding the slate in landscape mode is uncomfortable, especially considering that both the run and shoot buttons are on the left side of the screen.

Next up, let's talk about performance. As I ran around empty buildings, the game looked pretty smooth and playable, but when I found myself in more chaotic situations, some minor clipping began. It wasn't so much that it became unplayable, but it was noticeable enough for my colleague Andrew Freedman, an editor at our sister site Tom's Hardware, to note that gameplay is smoother on the Switch.

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Specifically, Andrew noted that he saw slight stuttering and pop-in (which is when objects load after they already should have).

More frustratingly, the Tab S4 Book Cover Keyboard (an optional $149 add-on) doesn't work on Fortnite. Neither does a Bluetooth video game controller, such as the PlayStation 4 wireless controller we had lying around the office (this issue isn't exclusive to the S4 Tab, and happens on other iOS and Android versions of Fortnite).

So, I wouldn't buy the Tab S4 expecting it to be a great way to play Fortnite. Even if you're curious about how the game plays — as was the case with me, a newbie — it's also not the optimal way to try, since the on-screen controls aren't well placed and external controls aren't compatible.

But if you're an existing player and want Fortnite everywhere you go, it runs well enough to scratch your proverbial itch and is worth the free download.

Credit: Laptop Mag