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Should Cellphone Calls Be Allowed on Planes? (Poll)

Air travel isn't always a zen-like experience; crying babies, unruly passengers and bouts of ever-dreaded turbulence often sour the experience. You might even find yourself next to a flier who feels the need to call a friend mid-journey, completely ignoring the fact that smartphones have an airplane mode for a reason. 

If you're fed up with passengers trying to make calls in the air, you're not alone. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Department of Transportation is pursuing a potential ban on all in-flight calls.

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While cellular interference in the air is no longer considered a big issue by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), those in favor of the ban argue that making calls is significantly more disruptive than texting or playing a few rounds of Candy Crush. 

However, the airlines themselves believe that they should have final say when it comes to the fate of flying callers. These companies would rather have cellular carriers decide whether or not they offer in-flight cell service, which could serve as a major point of carrier competition if the feature becomes popular enough. 

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As noted by WSJ, U.K. compant AeroMobile Communications offers in-flight mobile reception, but the service is only used for calls about 20 percent of the time.

What do you think? Are in-flight calls disruptive and unsafe, or are they a good way to get in touch with loved ones in the middle of long trips?