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Ouya Android Game Console to Update Hardware Annually

Ahead of the launch of Ouya, the Android-based gaming console, CEO Julie Uhrman has stated that the $99 dollar device will receive annual updates similar to a smartphone. Instead of following a 5-10 year refresh cycle like current game consoles, Ouya's roadmap will allow the company to release new software and hardware every single year. In an interview with Engadget, Uhrman also announced a few new titles including "Double Fine Adventure" and "The Cave."

According to Uhrman, every generation of Ouya will be backwards-compatible, so gamers will never have to worry about their games becoming obsolete. While that's a huge win for consumers, the bigger win is the annual promise of faster, more powerful hardware. When the console releases in June, it will have an Nvidia Tegra 3 processor. However the thought of a Tegra 4-powered console with Android Key Lime Pie is a tantalizing thought.

This ambitious plan isn't without its flaws. Since it's funding, Ouya has fallen victim to a number of delays. The schedule of annual development can be grueling. Although popular titles like "Madden NFL" operate on a yearly schedule, it's a totally different ball game to push out a new console every year. However if Ouya can pull it off, it could potentially change the face of console gaming as we know it.

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