This Software Adds 3D Sound to Your MacBook

LAS VEGAS — Nahimic needs no introduction to PC gamers, who've enjoyed its audio software on laptops built by MSI, Asus, and others. The same probably can't be said for Mac users, but Nahimic is looking to change that with a simple software download.

The company used this week's CES show to spotlight its new audio spatialization software for the Mac. Download it to your MacBook, Nahimic says, and it's like adding 3D audio to your laptop with sounds seeming appearing all-around you, even if you're listening from the laptop's built-in speakers.

Does it work? Crowded trade shows aren't ideal situations for testing audio, but Nahimic set up a booth that did its best to block out the ambient sounds of CES so the demo could showcase the audio streaming out of a MacBook Pro. Watching a trailer for Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, I could hear the movie's dialogue, music and sound effects swirling around me. Audiophiles may balk at calming it a true 3D audio experience, but it certainly seemed to enhance the sound coming out of the MacBook during my time with Nahimic's software.

Nahimic bills its Mac offering as ideal for both Netflix binge sessions and blasting music out of your laptop. To that end, the software lets you adjust settings to indicate whether you're listening to music or movies. If the latter, you can further opt to emphasize dialogue or produce a more balanced sound. If you're listening through headphones, Nahimic's software lets you calibrate audio there, too.

You can try out Nahimic's Mac solution for yourself for free with a 15-day trial. After that, you'll have to sign up for a $35 annual subscription.

Nahimic's Mac software requires macOS Sierra or later.

Image Credit: Laptop Mag