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myIDkey Protects Passwords with Your Fingerprint, has Kickstarter Campaign

Wouldn't life be easier if you didn't have to remember a hundred different passwords plus multiple account numbers? Thanks to the new myIDkey biometric flash drive soon you won't have to remember all of that-- as long as their Kickstarter campaign is successful. This flash drive with built-in wireless, fingerprint reader and voice command comes with some pretty lofty goals, including voice command, but if it works well, the myIDkey could be the flash drive to rule them all.

The drive works by syncing with its desktop app to store all of your logins and passwords, plus other data such as checking account numbers. Once the drive is connected via wireless or Bluetooth to your computer, tablet, or phone it'll dole out those logins and passwords as needed. If you're at the bank and can't remember your account number, you can give it a voice command such as "Chase checking" to view the number on the flash drive's display. 

All of your sensitive data is protected by your fingerprint. If you're worried about accidentally brushing your finger against the drive on your keychain, you can add an optional tap sequence to further protect your passwords. The myIDkey comes with a case to protect it even further from accidental damage.

The device's Kickstarter campaign just started with the goal of raising $150,000 by March 22nd. To buy the myIDkey you'll need to donate at least $79, which the company, Arkami, says is $100 off the retail price.

via Engadget