Moms Use iPads, Singles Use iPhones, Study Finds

If you're reading this story on an iOS device, you're probably doing it on an iPad, sitting comfortably at home. Chances are you're also a mom, pet owner or small business owner. Mobile data research firm Flurry tracked 44,295 iPhones and iPads in May and found that people with different lifestyles tended to favor different devices.

Flurry developed a set of personas based on different psychographics, creating identities like "New Moms," "Music Lovers" and "Social Influencers." Looking at what share of iOS devices were used by each Persona, the firm found that Value Shoppers, Singles and Hip Urban Lifestyle tended to prefer iPhones, while Pet Owners, Small Business Owners and Moms favored iPads.

The study also found that iPads were used for more home-oriented activities like reading, learning and playing games, while apps used on the iPhone were mostly Navigation and Fitness Tracking apps. And while app activity peaked between 6 p.m. and 11.p.m. for both iPads and iPhones, more iPad owners used their devices during those hours, while iPhone users take over from 10 p.m. and continue to be more active until 5 a.m.. 

But of course, many people own both devices. Flurry noted that while its data did not allow it to link the same user across his or her different devices, individuals may express different parts of their personalities and lifestyles through their use of different devices. So if you're feeling like a "Casual Gamer," you may turn to your iPad, and when you're in the mood to return to your "Hip Urban Lifestyle," you may pick up your iPhone and head out for a night on the town. 

Cherlynn Low
Staff Writer
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