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Mad Catz Announces Mobile Multiplatform Gaming Peripherals, GameSmart Technology

Gaming peripheral company Mad Catz unleashed a cornucopia of high-gloss, high performance devices designed for the mobile experience. However the bigger news was the launch of the company's GameSmart technology, which allows Mad Catz products to be used with mobile devices. Independent of game or hardware settings, GameSmart provides a level of standardization for game developers allowing for the creation of more controller-compatible titles. 

During our hardware walkthough at CES 2013, we were introduced to the alpine white M.O.U.S.9, wireless mouse. Drawing from the designs of the R.A.T., the new mouse keeps the funky Gundam-style look but shifts the functionality to everyday use. Instead of a 6400 laser sensor with an optical sensor that allows the mouse to work on just about any surface including glass, the program interface has been switched to a simple drag-and-drop interface. The wireless mouse can connect to Bluetooth-enabled devices via Mad Catz Bluetooth Smart or an enclosed USB dongle. The mouse also has profiles for a number of programs including Microsoft Office and Adobe Creative Suite.

Next up was the R.A.T.M wireless mobile gaming mouse. Designed for travel, the mouse is a miniature version of the R.A.T. series mice. The diminutive device immediately caught our eyes with its glossy fire engine red chassis. The mouse was small enough to fit in the palm of the hand, but still managed to provide a comfortable fit. Mad Catz made sure to include the adjustable palm rest. The R.A.T.M is the first mouse to combine Mad Catz's Bluetooth Smart technology with a gaming grade laser sensor. Even more impressive were claims that the mouse could last up to one year on a charge. 

But Mad Catz isn't all mice. Our energetic spokesperson also showed off the F.R.E.Q.M mobile headset. Similar to the R.A.T.M, the first headset in the F.R.E.Q. audio line was sporting a shiny bright red casing. The cans on the on-ear headset fold up for quick and easy storage. Thanks to an aluminum chassis, the F.R.E.Q.Ms were nice and light. The headset comes with two in-line cables. One cable can be used with a Mac or PC, while the other is for mobile devices.

The last product on Mad Catz's roster was the C.T.L.R.R wireless gamepad. Currently a conceptual device, the device delivered an eye-opening look into the future of mobile gaming. Outfitted with Mad Catz Bluetooth Smart tech, the gamepad console, reminiscent to a Xbox 360 controller, features a pair of dual analog sticks, bumpers, triggers and input buttons. The C.T.L.R.R has solid weight and you just can't go wrong with a glossy black body. The most jaw-dropping feature of the gamepad is Mad Catz's claim that the controller can last 3,500 hours on two AA batteries. 

All of Mad Catz's products, with the exception of the C.T.L.R., are set to hit store shelves sometime in early 2013. The M.O.U.S.9  and R.A.T.M will retail for $129, while the F.R.E.Q.M headset is priced at $149.