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LinkedIn’s New Contacts Feature Will Integrate With Your Phone Book

LinkedIn has always primarily been a career-building network, but a newly-unveiled feature encompasses more of your digital persona. On Thursday the company announced an update to its Contacts section that will bring your phone book, email and calendars to your LinkedIn account. 

The refreshed Contacts will let users link up with friends from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft and Evernote accounts as well as contacts stored in your iPhone. LinkedIn also offers a “personal assistant” feature that will help you manage these connections and how you interact with them on its website.

LinkedIn is touting its overhauled Contacts as a “smarter way to stay in touch” by using information from your other online accounts to flesh out the LinkedIn experience. For example, this new Contacts feature will use your emails and calendars to extract information about your contacts and add details to their profiles.

The company is also introducing a new Contacts standalone app for the iPhone, which will be free to download and serves as the mobile version of its refreshed section.

LinkedIn hasn’t announced when the online tool and app will be available, but you can sign up to be one of the first to try it here.