LG Shows Off Ultra-thin Optimus Black Smart Phone, Teases with Tablet News

Korean electronics giant LG announced the super-slim Optimus Black Smart Phone today at its CES press conference. One hot looking device, the handset is reminiscent of the svelte Apple iPhone 4. The new Optimus Black even sports what LG describes as  a Nova display which offers a glowing 700 nits of brightness.

Touted as the world thinnest mobile device featuring a 4-inch screen, the Optimus Black measures a mere .36 inches (9.2mm). At it's sharpest point, the phone says LG is just 0.2 of an inch thick. Running Android 2.2, with Android 2.3 Gingerbread not far behind, the Optimus Black should offer plenty of functionality. No word on the nitty-gritty  specs yet, though LG claims the phone will feature the "world's first 2MP front-facing camera".

Looks like the Optimus Black will stay far from American shores for now, but is expected to hit global markets the first half of 2011. The big news though, was that Dr. Skott Ahn, LG's President and Chief  Technology Officer boldly said the company will announce a tablet product tomorrow. That's pretty exciting and we'll keep our ears to the ground when we hear more.

LAPTOP Senior Writer