Lenovo Yoga A12 is a Yoga Book on the Cheap

Lenovo's Halo keyboard is moving to more devices. The company today announced the Yoga A12, a $299 2-in-1 running Android that will release on February 8 and use the all-flat keyboard design from the Yoga Book. 

The computer -- Lenovo calls it a tablet -- has an Intel Atom CPU, 2GB of RAM and 32GB of storage, as well as a 12.2-inch screen. Lenovo hasn't specified the resolution, but says that the display is "HD." It comes in rose gold and gunmetal grey and is made of aluminum and magnesium.

Notably, the Halo keyboard doesn't have its most interesting component: the Wacom technology that lets you use it as an extremely accurate touchpad with a stylus or write on it with a pen.

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The A12 also does away the Yoga Book's watchband hinge. Instead, is uses a regular 360-degree hinge that's just as functional but not as pretty.

Lenovo says it made the device for those who used Android as their first operating system and want to be more productive on it. I'm curious to see if Lenovo has improved the zero-travel keyboard since the Yoga Book it released last year, which was difficult to type on.

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