Apple Ordering 90 Million iPhone 6 to Meet Huge Demand (Report)

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iPhone 6 Orders Foxconn

It's no secret that the iPhone 6 is going be a big launch, as Apple will finally offer a bigger display to better challenge the likes of the Galaxy S5 and other flagship Android phones and phablets. In anticipation of huge demand, Apple has reportedly ordered 90 million iPhone 6 units from Foxconn.

 To put Apple's reported order in perspective, the company sold 51 million iPhones during its fiscal first quarter that ended Dec. 28th, 2013. Is Apple really anticipating that large a leap in sales?

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The iPhone 6 is expected to sport a super-strong sapphire crystal display, a more advanced camera and perhaps even wireless charging. In addition, there are rumors that this sequel will feature an even faster A8 chip with a quad-core CPU and graphics.

According to a Citigroup Global Markets analyst, cited by the Commercial Times in China, Apple's smartphone shipments are expected to rise a whopping 23 percent in 2014, compared to 13 percent last year. 

Overall, analyst firm IDC predicts that smartphone growth will slow in 2014 to 19.3 percent, down from 39.2 percent in 2013. The reason: average prices keep dropping as demand shifts to China. In other words, the iPhone 6 will likely be a huge seller, helping it stay ahead of the industry average in terms of growth.

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  • somfw Says:

    Yet another fanboy article based on nothing!
    In September, when and if the new iToy is released, then you can comment on these highly exaggerated rumors about dashes and the size of the phone.
    Ask any teen girl, they are the one that own 60% of all itoys, and they will tell you, they don't want a bigger screen. A bigger phone won't fit in their tiny pants front pocket, and their hands. But somehow you think sales will increase by these dramatic numbers?
    Of course we all know, every iToy owner secretly want a larger phone, but only if Apple makes it, then like the Lemmings they are, they will run out and make their parents buy it for them. Just like they always do. But the number will still be based on apples dwindling base and market share, not thus huge increase you are dreaming of.
    The two article will be how Apple reinvented the smart phone with this amazing 4.5" Cornea screen, our whatever silly name they give this make pretend technology they "invented". The lemmings will be singing from the hill tops, how incredible it is that Spoke revolutionized smart phones with this new huge screen!

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