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New iPhone 6 Mockups and Cases Surface

As the world awaits the release of Apple's next iPhone, enterprising leaksters have been busy trying to show the world what the device may look like. The latest leaks come from China, where multiple case makers have been  busy preparing accessories for the iPhone 6. Another leak points to the power button being moved on Apple's flagship device.

At the spring Hong Kong Electronics Fair 2014, accessory suppliers showed off physical mockups of Apple's hotly anticipated phone. According to Japanese blog, which posted the pictures, these models were used to create upcoming cases for the iPhone 6. Based on the mockup design, the phone will feature a larger edge-to-edge display and a slimmer profile, which falls in line with previous rumors. 

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An image showing marketing material for the iPhone 6 compares three models of the phone -- an iPhone 5s, iPhone 6 (4.7-inch) and iPhone 6 (5.5-inch). While these images look convincing, side-by-side comparisons of the icons (such as the ones for the Camera and Calendar apps) on these purported iPhones versus existing graphics on an iOS 7 device show subtle differences.

Whether that indicates that these images were doctored or that we can expect a redesign of those apps is uncertain, since we do expect Apple to announce iOS 8 at its upcoming Worldwide Developers Conference.

Another leak also popped up today of a case photo, one that shows a re-positioned power button along with tweaked volume keys. Instead of its usual spot on the top, the power button has been moved to the right edge. The volume keys are also oblong instead of round. 

The unnamed source that gave the images declined to provide dimensions for fear of competition from rival case makers.

Of course, no one will know for sure what the iPhone 6 will look like until the official launch (likely this fall), but we expect many more clues to surface between now and then.