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Shocker: iPhone 6 Plus is Not Liquid Nitrogen-Proof

Warning: Do not try this at home, unless you have something against your iPhone. Apple's latest flagship device started shipping last week, and already the world's torture testers have taken to tearing the phone apart in the most creative ways. One of these testers dunked the iPhone 6 Plus in liquid nitrogen to see if it will stand the test, and the answer is a resounding no. 

Richard Ryan posted the footage to his RatedRR channel on YouTube as part of his six days of torture program. In this particular video, he submerges the iPhone 6 Plus in a tray of liquid nitrogen for what appears to be a few seconds, and lifts it out with metal tongs. For a few seconds after re-emerging, the iPhone continued to work, as noted by Ryan, but it conked out shortly after.

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Ryan then places the now-frozen iPhone on a block of wood and smashes it with a hammer in a beautiful slowed-down sequence that should make Apple fans everywhere tear up. The video ends with Ryan looking at the smashed pieces of the phone and saying that its components held up well. Parts such as the A8 processor and SIM card were still intact. 

The iPhone 6 is now available in stores, but you may have to wait in line to get your hands on one. Apple's latest flagship sports a larger 4.7-inch display (up from 4 inches on its predecessor), speedy new A8 processor and a refreshed, curvy design. While the smartphone was expected to come with a super strong sapphire display (which may have withstood this test), that rumor ended up not being true.