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Apple iPhone 5c Price Cut to $27 at Walmart Starting Friday

Walmart was already offering the iPhone 5c for as low as $50 on a two-year contract, and now the retail giant is cutting that price yet again. Starting Dec. 13, the iPhone 5c will cost $27 on a new two-year contract with AT&T or Verizon, making it one of the cheapest iPhone deals to date.

Apple sells the iPhone 5c for $99.99, but since the phone's release third-party sellers such as Walmart, Best Buy and Target have been offering the phone for significantly less. Walmart’s new deal is cheaper than both Best Buy and Target’s current selling prices for the 5c ($49.99), but Target also throws in a $50 gift card with your purchase. 

The move seems like a clear effort to push more units of the iPhone 5c as the year comes to an end. In October it was reported that iPhone 5s was outselling the iPhone 5c by two to one. Apple has been aggressively advertising its iPhone 5c as well, with the colorful phone plastered around billboards and on bus stops throughout New York City. Apple opted to give the iPhone 5c prime real estate on its iPhone homepage on its website in an effort to garner interest.