iPad Bags / Satchels / Murses: Hot or Not?

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For this week's G Styled column I had the pleasure of dragging several of the guys who work here at LAPTOP Magazine out to the park with Jason Anderson of G Style Magazine to model the range of iPad bags and cases we received recently.

Getting these guys out in public with the bags was even worse than pulling teeth as they were all convinced that the bags were about as appropriate for them to carry as a Satchel. And as this scene from The Hangover illustrates, real men don't wear satchels just like they don't eat quiche (except when they do).

All of their complaining aside, I wondered if the perceived non-manliness of the bags was all in their heads. Do other guys feel the same? Do women think iPad murses bags are hot on a guy? I decided that the only way to settle this was a Hot or Not poll.

Below are the catalog-ready shots we took of the bags and their models. Vote in the poll next to each photo to let us know whether the bags are Hot or Not. Remember, we're voting on the bags, not the male models, ok? And don't forget to check out all the shots in the gallery at the bottom.

Kensington Sling Bag
(Modeled by Kenneth Butler)

[polldaddy poll=3146661]

Case Logic ULA-110
(Modeled by Marc Flores)

[polldaddy poll=3146648]

Booq Taipan Shadow XS
(Modeled by T. J. Fink)

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Waterfield Muzetto
(Modeled by Jason Anderson)

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Full iPad Bag Gallery

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  • juan23 Says:

    These model shots suck! A man should never carry his bag that high up. It should be brought lower about the waist level and not practically under the arm and ribs...you wind up with the potential of making a great looking back look bad.

  • David (laptop bags) Says:

    I'm obviously biased as I sell laptop bags including emssenger style bags but I agree with the first comment. A man shouldn't wear a bag that looks like a purse. That said, if I have a personal laptop/ipad I don't want to be carrying it around in a work-type computer bag. There are plenty of satchels and messenger bags that look cool. You do have to make sure they fit your image though.

  • Ada Says:

    Recently became an owner to the highly acclaimed iPad from Apple; technology at its best!
    I wanted to make sure I protected my investment so a colleague suggested I try the iPad traveler at theipadtraveler.net. What an amazing well crafted ipad caring bag! It is constructed out of durable leather that is stain resistant and waterproof; sleek design with a bold fashion statement suitable for men and women; adjustable strap to carry over shoulder or as a back pack; but most importantly priced to fit my modest budget. If you want your iPad to be fully protected, I suggest you pick yourself up an iPad traveler.

  • Karl Bastian Says:

    I too have a Scottevest, and I had it BEFORE the iPad came out and now with the iPad, it is even better!! - not only can it carry the iPad, but it gives you an extra carry on when you travel. It rocks! I have sold so many for them, they ought to give me a free black vest for all the advertising I have given them over the years! I have single handedly sold them probably over a hundred in airports across America! (I have the red one) I'm Scottevest's biggest fan and promoter everywhere I go!

  • K. T. Bradford Says:

    Is the ScotteVest a bag?

  • Cubit Says:

    Were's the ScotteVest. That's what I use

  • Sir Dennis F Potten Says:

    As a retired/disabled and avid Apple Computer man, owning every line of Apple Computer since the Apple II, I recently purchased an iPad. Then came the thought of how to carry it. I looked over what seemed to be dozens of cases, with and without shoulder straps. I finally found and settled upon the desert tan SCOTTEVEST/SeV "Travel Vest." When it arrived I loved it so much I ordered a long-sleeved red rock "Essential Travel Jacket." When packed with electronics, neither of them bulge to show more of me than there already is! Now I can continue to feel like a man all the while I carry around my iPad, iPhone, and another 10 or so photography and electronic items. SCOTTEVEST/SeV's are great.

  • Tom Says:

    The Loopbag Transit iPad Case is a killer

  • Kupapalani Says:

    I agree with Kanji and Marcus. Messenger bags, the style and designs, color of the bags, definitely comfortability, and of course functionality. Men are practical when it comes to carrying more with less.

  • Clive Sinclair Says:

    For me a Billingham Hadley Pro does it for an iPad/gadget bag and is great for a carry on too

  • Marcus Says:

    For my own taste, it comes down to the design and the color of the bags. I noticed with the polls that the more rectangular and darker the colors were, the more likelihood of men accepting them. I sure wouldn't want a pink or purple bag. That's just me though.

  • Jason Anderson Says:

    Amen @ kanjisasahara lol

  • kanjisasahara Says:

    A man should never own a bag that looks remotely like a purse. Only exception being a messenger bag.

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