G Styled: Can A Man Still Look Manly Carrying An iPad Bag?

"Who let the dogs out…." You might be wondering why I just said that. Well, I'm referencing character Alan Garner from The Hangover. He is the perfect person for this topic of article. You see, this week I will be talking about iPad cases.

You might think you need a special case for your iPad. However ,many of these bags end up looking like Satchels aka the murse (male purse) aka the European shoulder bag. This week the people at Laptop Magazine brought in a few for me to rate. As I go through them, leave a comment and tell me what you think.

First up has to be the worst one of the bunch: the Case Logic ULA-110. This one doesn't even look like it’s an iPad case as the color and style looks more like it should be a lunch bag than something that carries Apple’s sexy tablet. If that wasn't already bad, they felt the need to give it a splash of color via hidden but useless mesh fake pockets. Sadness!

The next one is a little better, and I feel is the most feminine of the bunch. It is even more feminine than the purple one, which I'll get to later.

The Waterfield Muzetto is a great leather carrying case for the iPad with a nice inside removable protective sleeve. I would highly recommend this bag for any female iPad users out there. But if you’re a male? Stay away.

You see, it fails the width to hip ratio that would make it manly enough for any guy to wear. For this reason it can't be universal for men and women. But, this is a great looking bag in my opinion.

Then we have the Kensington Sling Bag. I actually really like this one. It feels almost like a typical messenger bag, but shrunken down to fit just the iPad. And it definitely helps that it’s black, a truly universal color when it comes to gender. Men: feel free to purchase this one with confidence.

If you don't feel like wearing a bag to transport your iPad and instead want to carry it in your hand, I really suggest the Targus Hughes Leather Portfolio Sleeve. I really like this one. Personally, I like to travel with my hands free. But if I did want to carry my iPad in my hands, this would be the case I'd use. I like the color and the feel of this sleeve. It looks very stylish and professional.

And last of our group is the Booq Taipan Shadow XS. I was made to publicly wear this in the middle of midtown Manhattan while being photographed, as you can see. I will never forgive the team at Laptop Magazine for making me do such a thing! With that being said, the Taipan Shadow really isn't a bad looking bag at all. You see, it was just the color that they had on hand that I wasn't feeling. I think the black version of this bag has universal appeal. Plus, it if came in a larger variety of colors, both men and women alike could tote their iPads in style. So, for this bag, I recommend it to all. Just, guys: pick your colors wisely!

The Bottom Line

Jason Anderson is a self-proclaimed gadget head and publisher of G Style Magazine where he covers all things “fashionably technical.” He contributes a weekly post on laptop and gadget panache. The views and opinions Jason expresses are his own and we wouldn't have it any other way.