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iOS Rumor: Unlocked iPhone 4 Coming to the U.S. on Wednesday

You may have heard some buzz about a mystery update from Apple this Wednesday, but now we have the details that make the rumor all the more enticing. Electronista reports that the upcoming release will bring the option of unlocked iPhone 4s to the U.S. Per the rumor's source, the 16GB black iPhone 4, the 16GB white model, and the 32GB white version will be on the shelves of Apple Stores starting this week.

While unlocked iPhones have been available in other countries for some time, both legal reasons and AT&T's long-lasting exclusive on the phone have kept this option at bay. For travelers, an unlocked iPhone would offer lower rates, as users could choose plans from local carriers rather than from AT&T. And considering the warm reaction to the iPhone 4's arrival on Verizon Wireless, the more choices, the better.

We'll have to wait till Wednesday to see how this rumor pans out, but as the steady stream of iPhone rumors has a decent record of turning out to be true, it might not be too early to get excited.

via Electronista