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Inteliscope Rifle Adapter Turns your iPhone Into a Weapon

Sure, shooter games are fun, but controlling your gameplay from an actual firearm is a cooler experience than just tapping on your iPhone's display to shoot and send explosives your enemy's way. The Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter turns your iPhone or iPod Touch into a weapon, with a mount system that attaches your Apple device to a firearm.

The Inteliscope mount system provides a tactical rail mount for your iPhone and has an accompanying app that brings ballistics and environmental insight to the shooter in real time. Made of a composite-reinforced polymer, the device attaches to the rail securely and has a rugged, tactile rubber finish. With an adjustable mount, users can position their iPhone however they like, and put it in portrait or landscape orientation depending on the game.

The app features 5x digital zoom, video recording from the shooter's perspective, ballistics and firearm data and a built-in GPS. Players can utilize the shot timer and flashlight tools as well.

The Inteliscope Tactical Rifle Adapter is available for preorder now for $69.99 and is set to ship next month.