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HP's TouchPad Gets a Brief Repreive, New Production Run to Start Up

It looks like HP's $99 fire sale of its TouchPad, originally priced at $499, has generated enough buzz for the company to begin a second, and final, production run of the much maligned tablet. In a post on its official The Next Bench blog,the company said it will begin producing the new tablets in order to meet customer demand. HP has yet to nail down an exact release date for the new TouchPads and doesn't know how many will be made, but expect to wait at least a few weeks before you can grab one for yourself. Information on additional releases outside the U.S. is also hard to come by, the company said.

Any new units that are produced will be completed by the end of HP's fourth fiscal quarter which ends in October. At that time, the guillotine's blade will finally fall and the TouchPad will be finished off for good.  If you already purchase a TouchPad at its $499 original price you can contact the retailer you purchased the tablet from to see if they will refund you the difference.

The TouchPad debuted to poor reviews in July, thanks in part to its sluggish performance and heavy design. As a result, the tablet never caught on with the public, despite a $150 price cut, and languished on store shelves. Retailers, such as Best Buy even demanded that the tech giant take its stock of TouchPads back since the store couldn't move them. For now it looks like the tablet is getting a brief last minute stay of execution, but the end will come soon enough. In the mean time, if you managed to get your hands on a TouchPad before they sold out, or are looking to buy one when they become available again, check out our rundown of the top TouchPad tips, to make the most of your user experience. You can also find our list of the top 10 best TouchPad apps here.

via The Next Bench