HP TouchPad Gets Update to Fix Bugs, $50 Price Cut

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Good news, TouchPad owners! Your tablet is one step closer to being fully baked. HP has rolled out a promised over-the-air software update for its slate that kills a handful of bugs and increases "system performance and stability." HP has also dropped the price of the TouchPad by offering a $50 rebate, which takes the price of the 16GB model down to $449. We'll be testing out webOS 3.0.2 shortly, but in the meantime lets recap what this update includes and how to get it.

One fix that we're particularly excited about is that webOS 3.0.2 supposedly eliminates the oversensitive screen rotation. In our review of the TouchPad we noted that the accelerometer was overactive, changing display orientations with the slightest twitch of the slate, such as when typing with two hands on the keyboard. We just hope that the screen rotation is faster this time around. Read on for the other enhancements.

webOS 3.0.2 also updates a bunch of the core apps to kill bugs dead and improve functionality. For exmaple, the browser now has better scrolling support--which we assume means less lag--and better remote HTML 5 video playback. Other examples include quick Just Type event search in the Calendar, improved message content and image display in email, and reduced audio skipping in music when you have other apps open. You can also set wallpapers from within the photos app.

How do you get this update? Easy. Open the Settings tab in the Launcher and press the System Updates icon. Assuming you're connected to a network, the TouchPad should detect that an updated is available. Then press Download Now. Just make sure you half at least 50 percent battery power before you get started. After you download the update, install it.

We really do hope this update makes the TouchPad feel more responsive, because it will mean the difference between us recommending it or keeping the rating at 2.5 stars (not recommended). Stay tuned for our hands-on impressions.

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