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HP to Make webOS Fully Open Source by September, New Developer Tool Available Now

We've already heard about HP's plan to take webOS open source, but since that announcement last month it's been all talk and no action. Now the company is back with some evidence that webOS is still evading the grave. Today, HP said the platform will be completely open to the developer community by September 2012.

But HP didn't just provide an end date; it gave us plenty of landmarks leading up to webOS' complete transition to open source. Individual elements of the platform's source code will be made available in the coming months, with Apache 2.0, the JavaScript core, and the Linux standard kernel all coming before April.

HP also announced Enyo 2.0, an update to webOS' app-creation tool that now lets developers create programs across different mobile platforms and browsers. The source code for Enyo 2.0 is available now.