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HP Envy 15 is Bold and Beautiful

We're taught not to covet thy neighbor's spouse - but what about their computer? It certainly seems a little more acceptable, and HP wants to nudge you into just that direction with the irresistible Envy 15, a computer so soft and smooth that you'll surely be tempted to toss your inhibitions to the wayside.

The brooding, dark etched-metal lid of this 1.1-inch thick computer is offset by a charming creamy white aluminum-alloy interior that will make your eyes widen and your fingers twitch at the thought of gracing its elegant and playful black-matte keyboard. With back-lit, rounded-off square keys, just as ours did during our testing. This typing pad is just one little streak of paint or button away from an equally impressive lawsuit from Apple. Exaggeration? Possibly, but the striking similarity between this laptop and its fruity brethren, the MacBook Pro, is undeniable.

The real appeal of the HP though, apart from its nice form, is its role as a multimedia station, with such features as Beats by Dre audio and a brilliant 1080p HD display. But with competition like the MacBook Pro, the stars need to be aligned to make a computer a solid alternative. Read our full review of the HP Envy 15 to get the complete scoop.