HP: 2018 Brand Report Card

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HP had a strong, second-place showing in this year's rankings, jumping from fourth place last year. A combination of very good overall review scores, great design and a wide variety of laptop options for every price range helped HP shine. While we recommended every HP laptop we tested, the company received fewer Editors' Choice awards than first-place Lenovo.


HP's phone support also needs work, as representatives gave some incorrect answers and pushed us toward paid support.


HP's Key Strengths

  • Beautiful design: HP knows how to make a pretty laptop, and you see it from the company's entry-level Pavilion line to its ZBook and EliteBook business lines. Almost every machine is a stunner.
  • A ton of choices: We reviewed laptops in every price range, and HP had compelling options in each of them. Whether you want an entry-level notebook just to stream movies or a powerhouse gaming notebook for several thousand dollars, there's an HP for you.
  • Great support: HP has top-notch support on the web, and the company pays for shipping when you need a repair under warranty.

HP's Main Weaknesses

  • Expensive doesn't mean awesome: While we recommend every HP laptop we tested, some of the company's flagships, like the HP Spectre 13, didn't get high-ranking scores or an Editors' Choice recommendation.
  • Phone support is lacking: In our phone calls, HP representatives offered incorrect suggestions and badgered us to pick up its paid subscription service to get answers.

Top-Rated HP Laptops

Best for Students: HP Envy 13t
Best for Business: HP EliteBook x360 G2
Best for Gaming: HP Omen 15


Reviews (35/40)

HP boasts an impressive and diverse lineup filled with attractive consumer products like the Spectre line, powerful ZBook and EliteBook workstations, and colorful budget systems like the Stream 14. The company's laptops got a strong average rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars during our evaluation period, with a full seven out of 22 products receiving our coveted Editors' Choice award. Not even one HP laptop scored below 3 stars. (Below 3 means "Don't buy this.")

Some standout products include the HP Envy 13t, a lightweight consumer notebook that provides an awesome typing experience and long battery life for under $900; the powerful and attractive HP Omen 17; and the sleek HP EliteBook x360 2-in-1 for business users. HP also had a few major disappointments, such as the high-end HP Spectre 13, which is superthin but has weak battery life, and the HP Omen 15t, which suffers from a dim display, a shallow keyboard and sluggish transfer speeds.

Design (14/15)

We praised the Envy x360, EliteBook x360 1020 G2 and Spectre x360 for their sleek, silver aluminum chassis as well as their sturdy 360-degree hinges that allow each system to gracefully transform. And when it comes to workstations, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything prettier than the ZBook 14u G4 or the ZBook 15 G4, which serve up elegance mixed with MIL-SPEC-tested ruggedness.

True, HP has a few MacBook-inspired notebooks in the mix like the EliteBook 1040 G4 that try to out-Apple Apple, but then there are mold-breakers like the Spectre 13 (8th Gen Core) and the Spectre x2 with their barely there dimensions and copper accents. The company also retooled the gamer-centric HP Omen 15 and 17, giving them a daring design that distracts from the use of plastic. Speaking of plastic, HP does have a few cheap-looking clunkers in the lineup, like the Notebook 15-ba009dx, but the company has never been afraid to use color to make up for less-than-premium construction, as seen in the Stream 14.

Support and Warranty (15/20)

In our testing, HP's tech support proved helpful, but not in every channel. Whereas the company's web and social agents provided correct information, its phone-based reps were less helpful, delivering multiple incorrect answers and repeatedly pushing us toward its paid subscription service to get answers.

HP's warranties offer varying shipping and terms of support depending on which model you choose. Most models come with a one-year warranty, and some come with free shipping for laptops getting serviced, but HP's cheaper models don't offer such shipping protection.

Innovation (7/10)

One of HP's biggest achievements in 2017 was an overhaul of the Omen gaming lineup, with beautiful displays and upgradable specs.

More recently, the ZBook x2 reinvented 2-in-1 devices aimed at creative types by adding a Wacom stylus and a 4K matte display. HP also launched the Envy x2, one of the first machines to feature Windows on Snapdragon.

Value and Selection (14/15)

HP's range of laptops for different prices and purposes is impressive. If you need something really cheap, you can always go for the $220 HP Stream or something in the $400 range, like a Pavilion x360 2-in-1.

Perhaps our favorite HP value is the Envy 13t, falling in an $850 sweet spot with an amazing design, a stunning keyboard, long battery life and a Core i7 CPU.

MORE: The Best HP Laptops

The top-shelf Spectre line includes beautiful, powerful 2-in-1s like the Spectre x360 and a stunningly designed clamshell in the namesake Spectre, with the latest Intel Core CPUs.

HP's business notebooks, like the EliteBook x360 G2, bring features such as the Sure View privacy screen and are also well designed. The company also took its Omen gaming line to the next level, adding stunning new designs and some compelling sub-$1,000 models.

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  • George Pitts Says:

    My laptop (HP Probook 470 G3 Notebook PC) was purchased in March 2017 (purchase price: 1035.00) from Computer Corner. Within one week my CD/Optical Drive had failed, and I took it to a computer shop (Computer Corner) to be replaced. Over the next few months the laptop frequently rebooted itself. The usual error was “unable to find boot disk”. I took it in to the computer shop several times and they said it would go away. Eventually, after being in the shop 5 times & after 200 reboots, it was determined the memory was failing Thus memory was replaced. The next problem was with the USB ports which were replaced. Shortly after the warranty expired, the keyboard began typing 8’s all the time (about 100 per minute). So I had to replace the (back lit) keyboard. Then the solid-state hard drive began to have errors. Eventually it was determined that it needed to be replaced. I am on Social Security, and could only afford a non-solid-state drive. I do really miss the solid-state drive. I have owned several (10+) computers ( my first one had CPM instead of DOS) – including 3 laptops, and this is by far the worst computer I have ever owned. I do think HP makes the best printers ( I own one), but they sure do not know how to make laptops. Before I retired, I was the manager (of about 20 employees) of an IT (computer) department for a large bank, and I would never have allowed a computer to go out to a User in this bad of shape. If there is a way I can warn other purchasers on the Net, I feel obligated to warn them.

  • Radhe Says:

    Hp Product is very cheap
    cozz my laptop is screen show 2 white in just after buy 8 month

  • Billy Says:

    this laptop is the most AMAZING laptop on earth and I think all the other laptop brands should back off because they have no chance against hp and I have been using this same laptop for many years and it has not done 1 bade thing my hole life

  • Jeffery Says:

    OK lets be honest they are the biggest pieces of crap, and they should be banned from stores worldwide

  • Pravin Parmar Says:

    I would recommend you all to stay away with HP with my own overall bad experience with HP. Being an experienced engineer, I can understand that a company which can not predict life of laptop's mechanical hinge through any scientific verification method in year 2018 and do not have capacity to test and validate the life of mechanical hinges then believe me such company does not have competency of engineering know-how and they may not have development engineers who may conceive or even understand it. I can guarantee you that this company only has only 3D modellers who are not competent enough to conceptualize the product scientifically and develop artistic designs....Do not waste your hard earned money on such unscientific company.

  • kipngetich koech Says:

    Hp is nice laptob at all,i like. the design

  • Michael Says:

    Horrible customer service...thet will not stand behind their product and will try to get you to buy a monthly support service. I gave up and now I'm just using my phone I stead of a laptop. When I'm ready I'll purchase but not am hp

  • harinder singh Says:

    i bought new hp laptop 4 month ago. it show black screen now nd hanged alot. i return to best buy for repair but they said it take 4 week minimum. i am student my one semester spoil because of hp. i recommend please never buy hp company product

  • Mac-a-Roo Says:

    Having read thru some of the reviews, I get the impression that there's an awful lot of people around who probably shouldn't be let loose near a computer.

  • Arjun Says:

    Plzzz guys..plzz..for ur own good..HP is the worst brand ever..I've used Toshiba laptops and lenovo before..nothing has ever irritated me like HP's poor quality and worst tech support. Their technicians are loosers who couldn't even solve the simplest of troubleshoots and keeps ripping me of.. I have decided to warn all my friends to see what I can do to destroy their psuedo brand image infront of the public..scammers...thuuu..

  • ToxicFake Says:

    Bought an 13" x360 a month ago and completely in love with it.

  • Shiva swaroop Says:

    Worst product and worst service.. not at all a quality product.

  • Campbell Says:

    I have an HP ENVY X360 AMD FX-9800P CPU and it is the best laptop ive ever had I have tried a dell laptop that cost 30% more than this, and it was terrible it was so easy to scratch and ugh just awful! I have always had HP laptops and they've been great, and yes I've had diversification in my selection as well, I've owned a Toshiba notebook, lenovo, and a dell notebook and all are terrible. HP has had some trouble in the past, but they're steeping up their game and I think now they're making a comeback, like they did back in the day, also all of you complaining about a laptop that costs $200 what were you expecting?!? Some high quality metal? 1TB HDD? Use your common sense, function isn't cheap.

  • Gaurav Bapat Says:

    I bought HP 15 ay079tx a month back...Now the laptop keeps on freezing and hanging for a second every 10 secs...
    I urge all not to buy HP laptop...
    Please avoid using HP as they have pathetic Customer Service

  • "Fat cat" Says:

    I purchased on8-21-16 an HP 27 all-in-one touchscreen with 2TB hard drive computer from costco great deal, I brought it home and updated it, Windows updated it with windows 10 anniversary edition .. Needless to say the computer froze I'm not able to use it or get in it ...I'm thinking Google should have taken their expert designers to HP and show them how it's done....One happy customer

  • cyndy gemma Says:

    Worst compute I have ever owned..I work from my computer and it seems like eveyday their are updates and it does it on its own.Today was the woerst 144 updates took hours could not do any work I needed to do..and this is after updates all week..taking them all out of my office and replacing them..

  • Denjaszz Says:

    HP's are horrible I bought one had it for a year barely used it because I had a phone that could do everything. The HP had so much problems out of nowhere and now I can't even log into it. I just bought another laptop, didn't learn and got another HP it's only been couple months and my laptop keeps automatically updated and keeps turning on and off its useless! I hate HP products

  • thomas Says:

    someone help me my laptop wont connect to wifi and sound dosnt work

  • thomas Says:

    someone help me my laptop wont connect to wifi and sound dosnt work

  • Pooja Asher Says:

    The worst experience with Hp.my product is under warranty but I am unable to repair it.i am not getting proper service centre in Mumbai.Kindly revert asap

  • Lakshya Vijay Says:

    I recommend never to buy HP laptops please people. very bad experience. whenever i work or in the middle of some important work it just crashes and shows some blue screen error. buy dell or alienware laptops. i mean dell is best. my friends have dell they work superflous. i have this hp laptop 5th gen core i3,4gb ram,1tb hdd, but very cheap quality plastic body. since i had bought it never have a good experience. pls people believe me do not buy hp even going for the premium range just buy alienware but NOT HP

  • Donna L Says:

    After reading many bad reviews here, I can only guess that people mostly write reviews when things go wrong. So, I'll tell my story. My Dad and I both got a Pavillion Entertainment PC in 2008. His stopped updating after a few years due to a virus. My friend and I worked on it but could not get it to accept updates and I never trusted it after that. Mine on the other hand is still chugging along! It's a little slow and I have to do regular utility maintenance, but I'm still using it daily. I want to buy a replacement, but have read some things I don't like about the newer models. As far as customer service, I have always gotten the best treatment. And my HP all-in-one printer has been a pistol a couple of times, but the rep helped me and together we solved the issues. Got a good deal on ink too! So, I'm thinking about the new Pavillion as I already have a notebook. Wish me luck!

  • BillW Says:

    I sadly need to replace my wife's HP laptop due to age. It has always been a good unit but when I bought it the 'new' windows Vista was just becoming more common than windows XP. I think I will replace it with another HP,(budget and sale price allowing. 9 years of good service from a $400 laptop is way better than any of the other electronic devices in our experience.

  • Cello Says:

    I've brought HP Pavilion DM3 in 2010. It's broken(mainboard dead) one month after the warranty expired (1 year + 1 month). It cost me about 1/3 of the device price. I paid a half price(a half when its done)for the repairement sevice. I took 3 months without any notice from the hp service Centre, So I canceled the service, got my money back. Sold the part(lcd, keyboard, ram, hdd, case, etc) online. Then I bought Asus A42J in 2011, it stays alive until now 2016. I have changed the battery twice the LCD once, but it still good to use. So I will never buy the HP product again.

  • Weskara Ross Says:

    Received an HP 2000 Notebook a few years back as a gift. It is, by far, the worst piece of tech that I've ever had the misfortune of owning. It has had problems with connecting to the internet since day 1, the touchpad likes to disable two-finger scrolling every few months or so, and now something has gone wrong inside the laptop itself and the audio is making an awful crackling noise every few seconds. Do not waste your money on HP products.

  • QPoint Says:

    I've owned one HP laptop bought in 2012. I'm never buying another HP laptop again. 2 months after the 1 year warranty expired, the fan broke. It was making this awful grinding sound. I bought a new fan and some Arctic Silver 5 thermal grease to replace the fan. Everything went well, until the Arctic Silver grease dried out 6 months later and needed to be replaced. The same was true 6 months after that. The moment that the grease dried out, the core temperature skyrocketed, so the computer was unusable. Pretty bad if you're in the middle of a college class. I bought Arctic Cooling (not the same brand) MX-2 grease to replace the Arctic Silver grease, and everything seemed to be fine. Then I got the bright idea to upgrade my processor from an AMD A6-4400M to a A10-4600M. This rendered the Arctic MX-2 grease unstable and the temperature fluxed constantly. Also, one of the hinges completely cracked during the 3 years I used this computer and had to be glued with epoxy.

    My advice: don't waste your money on an HP computer with a 35W AMD processor. Between the over-heating and the cheap unreliable build quality, it's just not worth it in the long run. Oh, and the warranty might send you a refurbished computer, so you might want to assess other options to fix your computer (I'm not saying to fix it yourself).

  • RAAZ ARYAN Says:

    The best laptop of india is....?....?

  • Anthony Says:

    I have never had any problems with HP. A good stand up company. I use an Omen 15 as my daily driver and have had a Compaq Presario, and HP Notebook 2000. All have worked flawlessly. My Omen's linternals are great (16GB 1866 crucial, 512 Samsung 950, GTX 960m 81.2% asic). Quality parts, impeccable design, easy software. One complaint is bios limiting, especially for overclocking! Otherwise I recommend HP, and would like to see the company ranked higher.

  • pratik Says:

    BE AWARE OF HP, Guys, HP is a stick up brand all the way. I would request everyone before purchasing any HP product please review the feedback and experienced of users on facebook page and HP blog/forum. HP sticking up users both in product and service as well, Specially in Asia specific and more specifically in India. STICKING UP IN PRODUCT: HP is making money and sticking up customers by selling poor grade base materials and lower brand internal components. Laptop/Notebook of HP are nice in looking but ugly in performance. They are selling business class laptop on higher price as gaming laptop where the material is too thin and not heat resister at all. As per their specification they are providing configuration but the internal components are HDD/RAM etc are lower brand which are very dull in performance. STICKING UP IN SERVICE: Service of HP is worse and more pathetic than it's product. They have lot's of hidden home made policies to charge customers for the service even during warranty period. In india you have to beg to avail proper service from HP. HP simply trust on money making, they have no duties, aim or goal towards their customer.

  • Twylajean Says:

    I bought My hp laptop for about $600. It is horrible. I have had to send it back 3 times in under two years and each time it returns fixed but with a new problem. Each time I send it out it is gone for at least a month which doesn't work for me, being a student. It is incredibly laggy, even just with 1 internet tab open and claims to be using anywhere from 30% to 99% of cpu at any given time (when being used or even when no programs are being manually ran). Don't ever buy one of these, they are a waste of money and energy. Incredibly frustrating.

  • JimR64 Says:

    Purchased a mid range unit. Two hours after startup no Wi-Fi, came and went for a day then didn't have any connection to router. Tech support tried to tell me it was my router or ISP, After I told him I had a 2011 model pavilion i3 that had 4 or 5 bars of signal and was further away. Made 21 calls to support hung up on 3 times and no one could solve the problem. Poor quality, service and less than honest business practice. Last HP I will ever buy and I've used them since the early 90's. HP has become a drop shipping company for computers' made in chine and delivery of your purchase take forever. But they billed my credit card the next day after online order.

  • Lekhnath Tajpuriya Says:

    which laptop will be the best ever?please advise me for the beat one......

  • Nicolet Diedricks Says:

    I am sorry that I have bought a HP and such a expensive one after reading about HP, but one cant cry over spilled milk.

  • Carol Burgess Says:

    Bought one from Walmart for 499.00. It really sucked. I had to send it back. I need a laptop with a good memory, I don't care about cloud. I don't care about bloat. No games. I work off line. No more than 500.00. I like to write and look at movies on it. I use it like a DVD player .

  • Jxjia Says:

    Firstly, I will try to provide fair and objective comments based on my experience with HP products.
    If your laptop is used for work or plays an important role in your day-to-day activity, then going after HP is a risky decision.

    I had used 3 HP laptops (different model), every single one of them had manufacturing defect within the first 6 months since purchase. The last one was X360 Spectre (13") where it had a faulty charging port (laptop won't charge) and two malfunctioning USB3.0 ports since the first day I bought the product. Thereafter I made decision to avoide HP laptop. There are few problems observed here : (1) HP's manufacturing quality is consistently poor for some reason. High odds of getting defects on every single HP laptops used is unheard of with other vendor. (2) HP will charge you the costs associated with repairing your laptop. In my case I paid for packaging, shipping cost and data backup. They will send across a courier to pick up your laptop (if aksed) at no extra cost, but packaging cost and protection are still udner your own liability. Data backup is a mandatory requirement (according to HP) but again it is your out-of-pocket expense. If you attempt to do it yourself you will be wanred by HP that warranty maybe void. (3) The Service Centre (which is based in India) is hardly anything professional, you are often kept on line hold for 'transfer' and/or 'checking details from system' for as long as 20-30min whilst you pay for every minute you waste on the phone line. I won't tell you NOT to buy HP as their recent products do look nice, but that's about all they have to offer, look. You are warned to exercise discrete caution when buying HP laptop and be patient with long and painful process that might soon become reality after your exciting purchase.

  • Amelia Selebalo Says:

    I have bought HP at CNA lastyear its a new brand called HP 15 inch notebook,white in colour.it is stolen,soo cant u help me to find it?

  • HP Sucks Says:

    Worst Laptop I have ever owned. Windows 7 is so slow, the laptop crashes several times a day. I will never buy another HP laptop again.

  • Olga Lee Says:

    Absolutely horrible experience not only with latest HP Spectre x360 laptop but Customer service as well.
    Laptop that costs very good amount of money kept breaking up 3 times for short period of time. Wi fi is not stable, problems with touchpad, was unable to turn it on.
    It takes forever to get call back from Case managers, as well as find reasonable solution. 1 out of 10 for product quality and customer support.

  • Charles Says:

    I have owned many HP computers. Some where not very good and some were phenomenal.

    In 2005, HP came out with the Livestrong Computer. I loved that machine. It had everything you could want and came in the perfect size to operate on the airplane. But it had one problem: the hinges on this model were not designed well and eventually wore out.

    The HP Elitebook 850w is also a very great computer. It is heavy, like it was made in a soviet tractor factory. But it was great in every other way. FABULOUS Screen (can't get as good a screen these days. Don't know why). FAST FAST FAST. Handled everything I threw at it.

    And HP's support has always made me love them. In fact, I prefer HP because of their warranty service. I buy their warranty and in essence no matter what I do to that computer -- they fix it. I have used it every time and I am so pleased with it.

  • Daniel Luis John Says:

    recently bought a HP 15-ac152tu and I could say it does have some punch to it as handles gaming quite well and it is quite fast due to its SSHD paired with an i3 and 4GB ram...in general I'm happy I purchased a HP laptop instead of the Acer variant

  • Donna Says:

    Failed to honer warrenty when software crashed.. Also damaged during shipping and I was that some how it's my falt. Don't waste your money..

  • Vijitha Bulathsinghala Says:

    HP- worst Laptops. I bought a Laptop 17" Pavillion. This Laptop cannot be used as a Laptop. Within few months I found that once I fully shutdown the computer it is running inside until the battery fully drains out. when I open it next time. No battery power at all. If I remove the battery and put back after shutting down then the battery power remains. I sent to HP for repairs but they could not fix it properly. One or two times it was working well and then the old storey again. People who repair are not competent enough to identify and repair the issue. I have bought about 8 HP computers for the last ten years. Earlier Laptops got power issues where battery wont get charged after few years. I bought a ACER desktop at the same time with HP Desktop. Acer is working better than HP. I cannot recommend HP Laptops at all now.

  • Cameron Says:

    My HP computer won't even let me go to to the desktop.when I sent it to Hp to get it fixed, they sent it back still broken . hp sucks, I will n ever buy or recommend it again.

  • Angela Kim Says:

    I used Hp printerofficejet 6700, its worse product ever. Do not purchase Hp it will not let you use the refill ink, who had that much money to buy brand new ink for each time for all four colors.
    It just expensive and useless, I recommand not to buy Hp printer, use Canon its better price and works with refill ink perfect for 3, 4 years so far.

  • tim shepardson Says:

    never had any luck with any HP product. Printers laptops. Horrible products!!! Would never buy HP ever!!!!

  • Talal Says:

    Worst laptops. Worst design. Fitting RAM an d SSD requires complete rape of laptop. It's not like opening back cover and fit things in it. HP designers need a kick on their butts for designing this piece of trash. Will never buy HP products again.

  • Vishwajeet Singh Says:

    worst experience ...... twice they have replaced the mother board and 7-8 times engineer has visited my home but laptop is still not working.
    And its only 2 months old....want to get my laptop replaced.no more servicing or change of parts.

  • Gary Dohanich Says:

    By far the HP Envy is THE worst laptop I've ever owned! At age 63, I have had experience with many brands, including both PCs and MACs. The finger pad is an abomination. If I look at the screen instead of the finger pad I never know what will happen. What idiot designed that thing? Meanwhile the multiple home screens are thoroughly confusing and illogical. You never know what surprise will be next, as this psychotic device tries to think bad thoughts for you. Finally, it is slow, slow, slow. I bought this lemon 6 months ago because I wanted a 17-inch screen. What I got was poor performance laced with daily frustration. Going to have to cut my loss and dump this freak sooner than later. Beware if you are in the market for a computer.

  • Pritesh Vikram Says:

    Worst brand ever. Never going to buy HP laptop from now on. My old laptop from acer was much better than HP and never had such problems. I purchased HP pavilion ab-031tx on 30th October 2015 and on 28th November 2015 it stopped working. So it didn't even work for one full month such a shame. Its not even getting boot-up nor while i am plugging my AC adapter it's getting charged nor charging led in laptop is glowing. It's just lying like a dumb piece of plastic.

  • Adams Says:

    Never again. Spent close to a £1000 2 years ago and the quality is poor. It's too heavy, overheats fan is always on and takes ages to boot up. Mac next time!

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