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HP Announces Pivot for TouchPad

On Thursday, HP unveiled webOS Pivot, a monthly publication for the upcoming HP TouchPad that the company says will provide users with an “entertaining and informative editorial resource,” to find and explore apps in the company’s webOS App Catalog.

To help users discover the most interesting new software, Pivot will showcase interesting apps and spotlight the developers who create them. It will also offer users the ability to sort apps based on their interests.

“Pivot brings app discovery to a new level for customers and developers alike,” said HP vice president of webOS Worldwide Developer Relations Richard Kerris. “We want our partners to experience webOS as the growing platform of opportunity and we’re investing in new ways to help market their applications on our platform.”

The company says Pivot will offer original content from journalists and photographers affiliated with leading publications. It is expected to include visually driven editorial pieces, columns from notable guest writers, feature stories, and reviews. Pivot will be published initially in English, French, German, and Spanish and will update over the air for all TouchPad users.

Part of HP’s effort to enhance its WebOS Developer Program, Pivot will be joined by a new discount structure, which will give developers special pricing deals based on their years working with the Palm developer program and the number of active applications they have in the webOS App Catalog.

HP will launch Wi-Fi versions of the TouchPad with either 16GB or 32 GB of storage space in the United States on July1 for $499 and $599, respectively. The tablet will launch the following day in United Kingdom, Ireland, France, and Germany, while Canada will see a July 15 launch. Launch dates for Australia, Hong Kong, Italy, New Zealand, Singapore, and Spain will be announced later this year.