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How to Use 'Just Type' on the HP TouchPad

One of the best time-saving features on the HP TouchPad is the Just Type bar, located near the top of the homescreen. With Just Type you can search using Google, Maps, Wikipedia, Twitter, and the App Catalog. You can also search for and launch apps using Just Type. That’s not all Just Type can do. With Quick Actions you can turn that phrase into a new message, calendar event, or Facebook post.

Search on the HP TouchPad with Just Type

  1. Start typing in the Just Type bar and the TouchPad will try to narrow your search as you type. For example, if you enter “Pan” and have Pandora installed, that app will automatically appear at the top of your search results.
  2. Enter your search term in the Just Type bar if you’re performing a web search, , then choose the search engine of your choice, whether it’s Google, Wikipedia, or Twitter. Once you tap the name of the service you’d like to use, the TouchPad will bring you to the results page.

Quick Actions on the HP TouchPad

  1. Enter a phrase into the Just Type bar that you will want to use in a document (ex: “Dear John, How are those TPS reports coming?”)
  2. Select an action from the Quick Actions menu such as New Message, New Email, or New Memo. Your text will appear as the initial text in an e-mail message, memo, or other update.

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