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How To Use Android To Stream All Your Music From the Cloud

Music Beta by Google lets you upload 20,000 songs to the cloud for playback on your Android phone (2.2 or higher) and tablet. That’s about 10 times more storage than Amazon’s Cloud Drive service. And Apple doesn’t yet offer a cloud-based music service. The upload process takes a long time, but once that’s done you’ll be able to listen to your tunes anywhere, as well as save your favorite albums on your device so you can rock out when you’re not online.

Step by Step


Click Get Started from within the Google invite e-mail.You’ll see a terms of service webpage.

2. Click Agree to continue, and then click Agree again to the Privacy Policy.

3. Decide whether you want to add free music to your library by checking the appropriate boxes on the next screen. Or just select Skip.

4. Now download the Music Manager program for adding music files on your PC to the cloud-based music library. Run the program.

5. Sign in using the Google account info you used to sign up for Music by Google Beta.

6. Select where you keep your music collection. iTunes is a choice but we chose My Music. (Note that you can’t choose specific albums or songs; it’s all or nothing.)

7. Click Yes or No when asked if you want to have Music Manager automatically add new songs to your library. Music manager will then scan your music collection.

8. Once the scan is complete, click Next.

9. On the next screen the Music Manager will say you can start listening while it adds your music collection to its library. Click Go to Music Player if you want to start listening to music on the web.

10. You can track the upload process on your desktop at any time by opening the Music Manager program. (For the best results, use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection.)

11. To listen to your cloud-based music on your phone, first open the new Music app.

12. Click the Menu button, then tap Settings.

13. Tap Google Account, and select the account you used to sign up for Music by Google Beta.

14. Proceed to rock out. When you press the back button the music you’ve uploaded to Music by Google should appear on your phone, ready to stream.