How to Send a Fax from the iPad 2

Fax Print and Share Pro allows you to fax documents anywhere in the world straight from your iPad. Here's how:

  • Download Fax Print & Share Pro from the iTunes App Store.
  • Open the document you’d like to fax. For example, if you received a PD F via e-mail that needs to be faxed, press and hold the attachment icon at the bottom of the message and then tap Open In… Then select Fax Print & Share Pro.
  • Tap Fax in the top bar. Then select a cover sheet option: No Cover, Official, or Simple. We chose Simple.
  • Fill in the fax number, recipient, subject, and note fields.
  • Tap Send. On our test, a faxed PDF was received within five minutes.

Bonus Tip: Fax Print & Share Pro can pull in documents from Apple’s MobileMe iDisk and Set up these options under the Remote Servers tab within the app.

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Mark Spoonauer
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